5 Reasons To Support Pop Up Shops

Innovation is key, am I right? Having a pop up shop is a new fun way to set up shop any time and any where. These temporary sales venues are popping up more and more everyday. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Dakota Chappy Pop Up Shop over the summer and had my own very recently.

Tori Dany Designs and a few other businesses worked together for those at Minot State University to get a little Christmas shopping done. All businesses sold hand-made items from drawings to fashion and pins to nail polish. I had choker necklaces, vintage belts, and fashion sketches for sale.

Okay, so you're probably wondering what those reasons to support a pop up are. Let's get into it.

-- Urgency & Scarcity: The "here today, gone tomorrow" phrase is the best way to describe this. There is no time to wait, because it might be days, weeks, or months, until the business sets up another pop up. 

-- Freedom To Sell Anywhere: The locations for pop ups are getting more and more creative. If a business is setting up a shop in another store, it'll bring traffic in and they shop from both!

-- Generate Brand Awareness: Social media is a great place to share when the next event is going to be. People stay on their toes to find out if a pop up shop is coming close to them.

-- Educate: If there is a new product to be tested, a pop up shop is perfect. It allows products to easily enter the market to see if people like it!

-- Fun & Innovative: The display can change up everytime you set up shop. If something doesn't work out the last time, change it the next time. I like to have musicians and live painting. It' gives people a reason to come other than shop.

What are other reasons that you love pop up shops? Drop them down in the comments below!

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-- Tori