Snapchat Geo-Filters For Special Days

When it comes to planning special occasions, making it stand out is absolutely important. People want their days to be memorable and unique. Am I right? With this day and age, social media is being used for the majority of our day. Pictures will be taken, images will be liked, and posts will be shared. Having a Snapchat filter for a party is a fun way to get everyone involved.

A few weeks ago, my friends got engaged. Yay! Congratulations to Justin and Jessica! They are tying the knot after ten years of love. Seriously, can you say "relationship goals?" I wish them nothing but everlasting love for their future.

I'm happy to add this filter to the collection of fun geo-filters I've created for events. It was hard to not celebrate with them and friends, but having a design piece at their party made me feel like a was there (just a little, lol). From birthday parties to pop up shops, Tori Dany Designs can make your special day unique with geo-filter. Message or comment below for details!