Whimsical Beach Wedding Dress | Custom Wedding Dress | Tori Dany Design

Custom Beach Wedding Dress by Tori Dany Designs

 Bluefin Bay In Tofte, Minnesota

Photos by Lavikka Photography | @azdavin

Getting the chance to design wedding dresses has been an honor, seriously! The wedding gown is one of the most important pieces to some brides on their wedding day. This is what brides wear to show off an amazing step in life, feel beautiful, and share a piece of their personality.

I had the opportunity to design and create my friend, Kayla's, wedding gown in the beginning of the year. From initial sketch to final design, it has transformed in many ways! Before Christmas, she reached out to me to see if I would like to create her gown. How could I say no?! When I read that, my heart was singing and I was literally dancing. We met up to get measurements, and of course, catch up. From talking about old times at Dakota Chappy and how we're so busy with all the wild, crazy blessings that are in our life, it felt so effortless hanging with Kayla. Every dress fitting we had after that was awesome. Cuddles from Apollo were always the highlight. Kayla is absolutely so great with my little man. She sings to him and makes funny faces to get Apollo to giggle.

During the holiday months I was traveling along the West Coast to Seattle to Los Angeles. I went to my favorite fabric store in Renton, which is called Fabrics (I'm not lying. The sign just says fabrics). You step inside and there are aisles and aisles of beautiful silks, brocades, bridal lace, and more. The fabric warehouse I visited in LA was Fabric Planet. From that trip, I purchase a few different silk chiffon and satin fabrics.

Photos by Studio 7117

Let's talk about Kayla's wedding dress. It is not your normal, cliche white gown. One thing Kayla mentioned was that she didn't want it to be white and she wanted a little color. We went with a beige, tan color to set the tone for the whole gown. From working with her at Dakota Chappy's I knew burgundy was a good color on her, and she loves the color as well. The lining of the bodice was burgundy and you could see it under the beautiful, bridal lace. Kayla looked beautiful in her dress every time we did a fitting and looked gorgeous on her wedding day.

Photos by Lavikka Photography | @azdavin

I feel absolutely so honored to have my dear friend trust me to create something so important for her on her wedding day. The world has brought us together for so many reasons. I can't thank her enough for letting me be a part of her special day!

Photos by Studio 7117


Venue: Bluefin Bay Resort

Photographer: Lavikka Photography & Studio 7117

Dress: Tori Dany Designs

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